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buggy chassis in sunlight

Do the Amish make their own buggies?

Test your knowledge of Amish buggies! Tour guides at The Amish Farm and House recently took a field trip to an Amish-run carriage machine shop to see how Amish buggies […]

quillows in a line

How to Fold an Amish Quillow

Did you know that the Amish make quilts that fold into pillows? They are cleverly called quillows! If you have found yourself the new owner of an Amish-made quillow, it […]

amish people fishing

How the Amish Have Fun

By Olivia Zook   It’s no secret the Amish live differently than the rest of the modern world; you can see it in their plain attire, and technology-free lifestyle. You […]

Harvest Time

Fall Crops and Harvest As Fall approaches, it is easy to think about all the things that come with it. The leaves change color, a chill has crept into the […]

A large corn field.

Amish Rules

How Amish Rules Impact Their Lives The Old Order Amish have many rules about how they live their lives to prevent worldliness. These rules govern transportation, clothing, power, education, and […]

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