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How to Fold an Amish Quillow

Did you know that the Amish make quilts that fold into pillows? They are cleverly called quillows!

If you have found yourself the new owner of an Amish-made quillow, it might seem tricky at first to learn how to fold it. However, the process of folding a quillow is actually a pretty easy task!

We put together a video tutorial for you on how to fold a quillow:

How to fold a quillow in 5 easy steps:

1. Reach inside the folded quillow and pull out the contents of the blanket, as you turn the front of the pillow part inside out.

2. Fold the blanket into thirds along the seam lengthwise.

3. Once you have the blanket folded lengthwise in thirds along the seams, fold it into square shapes in thirds. The folded size should match the pillow front (which is still inside out).

4. Reach inside to the corners and pull the pillow front through.

5. Tuck the contents in smoothly, and enjoy your pillow!


Did you know?

We have Amish quillows made by local Amish women available in our gift shop. Be sure to check them out the next time you visit!


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