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Amish Farm & House Blog

A large corn field.

Amish Rules

While people tend to have a general understanding of Amish life, the specifics and rules regarding their daily activities aren’t as frequently known by outsiders. Their modes of travel, clothing, […]

An amish school house.

Amish School Houses

Learning the Amish Way Throughout Lancaster County, visitors can find one-room schoolhouses. Built mainly in the 18th and early 20th centuries, the Amish still use these schools for first through […]

walking to church

Tips on Visiting Amish Country on a Sunday

What to do on a Sunday in Amish Country Sundays in Lancaster County is a very unique experience. The Amish never work on Sundays as it is their worship day. All Amish […]

A soft pretzel.

Good Eats in Amish Country

Your Guide for Where To Find Traditional Amish Food Your trip to Lancaster County is not complete without trying authentic PA Dutch foods. And don’t be selfish — be sure […]

A farm at sunset.

Sunset Picnic on an Amish Farm

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to break bread with The Amish? You don’t have to wonder anymore! The Amish Farm And House has the answer! They […]


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