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Meet the “Farm” in Amish Farm and House

Fun Activities for Children

You may pet any of the animals that come up to the fence. Please be cautious as they are farm animals, not pets. Please do not feed farm animals with outside food. You may feed the animals with treats that are for sale in the gift shop, $1 per bag. For interaction with our animals, check out our Farm Animal Fun Tour below.

Buggy Rides

The buggy ride goes through our covered bridge, along the creek and through our meadows with farm animals, around the corn field, past our Amish built schoolhouse and back again! Tickets must be purchased through the buggy driver. Cash Only. See calendar for availability.


Amish Schoolhouse

Amish children attend private one-room schools. You can visit an Amish-built schoolhouse that is located on our farm. The schoolhouse is open 7 days a week. Use the scavenger hunt and make the visit to the schoolhouse educational and fun.


It is not uncommon to see our Amish friends and neighbors working side by side with “English” (non-Amish) and The Amish Farm and House is no exception. In addition to our Amish farrier and various Amish friends who regularly sell their wares through our farm, we are pleased to have various artisans that find their home at the Amish Farm and House. Learn more about the Artisans here. 

Scooter Run

Amish children do not use bicycles. Instead they use two-wheeled scooters. You can take a real Amish scooter for a spin on our farm at no extra cost! Mom and Dad will love the scooters too!

Audio Tour (Coming Soon!)

The self-guided audio tour will teach you about features and the history of our property. You’ll learn things like how the windmill functions, why the Amish used limekilns, and the unique story behind our covered bridge. The audio tour is included with any ticket purchase.

Corn Maze

Grab a scavenger hunt map from the lobby area and use it to find your way through our 2-acre, quilt patterned corn maze. The corn maze is open from mid-July through October.

Kid's Farm Zone

Kids will love our farm-themed playground, the corn table, and our happy hopper bouncers. For older children, we have a fun (and educational) scavenger hunt. “Bee” sure to check out our active beehive too! Don’t leave the farm without milking our demonstration cow “Buttercup”

Picnic Pavilion

Make it a day trip and pack your lunch. We have a large picnic area and several surrounding restaurants that offer takeout options. During the summer we also have an Amish chicken BBQ stand on our farm. During the summer months, this is where Goat Yoga classes are held.

The BBQ Barn

Enjoy a BBQ meal picnic-style on our farm! The BBQ Barn has several delicious lunch and dinner options that will have you coming back every weekend.

See pin #28 on the map below to see where the BBQ Barn is located on our farm. You are welcome to order take-out from the BBQ Barn even if you’re not purchasing an Amish Farm and House ticket.

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Ways You Can Visit the Farm

Masks are not required on the farm. Masks are required inside the ticket lobby and gift shop for guests who are not yet fully vaccinated.

Farm-Only Day Pass

This is a great option for families with young children who may not have the attention span yet for our guided tours. The farm-only pass is valid for the entire day. $10 per adult/$7 per child/Toddlers are free.

Reservations not required. Purchase tickets when you arrive.

We also offer Annual Farm Passes for families who want unlimited visits to the farm. $24.95/adult, $19.95/child, toddlers are free. Passes can be purchased at the farm.

Guided Amish Tour Ticket

Choose from several bus tour options or a farmhouse tour option. All tour options include access to our farm activities. We encourage you to come early and enjoy the farm before your tour starts.

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Farm Animal Fun Tour

This seasonal tour is perfect for kids! You’ll get a little dirty, have a lot of fun, and interact with our animals. So put on your boots, grab a feed bucket and let’s get busy!  We’ll take you on a walking tour of our farm and let you get behind the fence and interact with as many farm animals as possible.

Activities may include: cuddling with baby goats, collecting eggs, bottle feeding a calf (when available) and feeding our sheep, horses, and donkeys. All-day access to the 15-acre farm. 

*This tour starts in the morning, as we are feeding the animals their breakfast.

Reservations are required, walk-ins not accepted.  Get Tickets 

Goat Yoga Classes

Available through August | Tuesday & Friday evenings, Saturday & Sunday mornings

Goat Yoga? Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A whole bunch of baby goats run around while you do yoga. It’s a fun and exciting way to spend time with baby goats. Book your class soon, as tickets go fast. All tickets also include access to our 15-acre farm.

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Know Before You Go

Facts About Our Farm

  • Our farmland and farmhouse were once owned by an Amish family.
  • Visit our Amish-built, one-room schoolhouse.
  • See demonstrations by our resident artisans* (blacksmith, wood carver, Amish farrier)
  • Admission to our farm is included with all tour tickets. It is a self-guided tour.

*Artisans and vendors may not be available every day.

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Bring Your Pet!

  • We love animals. Please bring your four-legged friends for a tour with you.
  • We are pet-friendly! Dogs on leashes can go on house tour, bus tours, and farm tours.
  • Cats and pigs on leashes are allowed on the farm property. No snakes.
  • There are several dog friendly restaurants and hotels in the area.

Plan Your Visit

  • Learn how to get here
  • Review our COVID-19 restrictions
  • Compare our tour options
  • Get tips on planning your time

Plan Your Visit

"The farm tour is self-guided and very interesting as well. There are plenty of animals around and the one-room school house is a cool addition to the tour. Also right nearby is a covered bridge, something fairly unique to Lancaster."

TripAdvisor Reviewer from Washington, D.C.

"Bus tour was very interesting. Driver shared a lot about customs, pointed out lots of Amish homes in the area. Very knowledgeable about the area. Back at the farm we saw many farm animals, little goats was adorable. Even saw farm kitties. Young children really enjoyed the time there."

Sharon Martin (Google Review)

"Strangely located next to a Target, this place is a little oasis. There is a decent size farmstead with many interesting structures, like a blacksmith's shed, tobacco curing barn, hen coop, and of course barns. They have animals (sheep, goats, pigs, cows, hens, peacocks) that all seem well cared for. A worthwhile trip!"

Caleb Epstein (Google Review)

Interactive Farm Map

Click the link below to learn more about what our farm has to offer during your visit.

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Interactive Farm Map

Click on the yellow circles to learn more about what our farm has to offer during your visit.


1. Hand dug, stone lined well

22 feet to water

2. Summer Kitchen

This is where the cooking kettles and a water cooled refrigerator is located. Water that is pumped from the spring house feeds the water cooled refrigerator. From the refrigerator, the water flows by gravity to the barn. This water is then used for the animals.

3. Cucumber pump

The pump is powered by the water wheel (#16) via wire.

4. Exhibitor Shed

Rachel Esh, our resident Amish quilter, sells her crafts in this shed. Rachel is here Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from April to October.

5. Blacksmith Shop

Our resident blacksmith, Andrew, is in our blacksmith shop from June through August. Stop by the shop to see Andrew forging items out of metals. You can purchase some of his items in the blacksmith shop and in our gift shop.

6. Tobacco Shed

See how the Amish plant, grow, harvest and strip tobacco. See and smell actual tobacco that came from the fields.

7. Bake Oven

Smoke House, and Drying House

8. Windmill

Although this feature is no longer used in our house, you can see how the windmill is powered only by wind. They work quietly and are nonpolluting.

9. Milk house

10. Stone Bank Barn

This is the entrance to the lower end of our 1803 stone bank barn. Take a look inside the barn which is home to a variety of farm animals.

11. Straw Barn

This barn was built on stone pillars. The top of the barn is used for storing hay and straw. The bottom is used as a shelter for animals and farm equipment.

12. Herb Garden

13. Chicken House and Fowl Pens

For peacocks and pheasants

14. Willow Lane Covered Bridge

This covered bridge was built in 1855 by an Amish crew from Strasburg.

15. Meadow and Animal pens

16. Water Wheel

The water wheel is fed by water from a mill pond, which is formed when a flowing stream is dammed. The wheel powers the cucumber pump (#3) via the connected wire.

17. Spring house

Water wheel powers the "Peter Shirk Pump" which forces the cold spring water into the summer kitchen refrigerator (#2).

18. Lime Kiln

Where limestone was burned to produce lime for white washing, mortar, and fertilizer. The limestone that was used to build the house and stone bank barn was quarried from the property.

19. Scooter Run

Experience first hand how the Amish travel around town. Adult supervision is required at the scooter run.

20. Willow Lane Amish One-room schoolhouse

Built by local Amish men, our schoolhouse is an accurate replica of a modern day Amish school. The artwork found in the schoolhouse was supplied by local Amish kids.

21. Animal Pen

Check out our goats and our famous "Goat Mountain". Feeder machines are available to give our goats a special treat.

22. Corn Barn

This is where our resident woodcarver, Chris Lubkemann, is located. Chris Lubkemann is a master woodcarver and the author of several best-selling whittling books.

23. Stone Bank Barn

This is the entrance to the upper level of the stone bank barn. This section of the barn is used for threshing grains and storing hay. This section of the barn is also used for storing farm implements.

24. Stake & Rider fence

This is the type of fencing that was used in the 1800's on Lancaster Country farms.

25. Buttercup the Cow

Practice milking our famous cow, Buttercup.

26. Corn Maze

Try out your navigational skills in our quilt pattern corn maze. The corn maze is open mid July through mid October

27. Picnic Pavilion

Relax and take in the view while you enjoy your picnic lunch.

28. BBQ Barn

The Amish BBQ Barn is open on Fridays and Saturdays. David King and his family offer grilled chicken, ribs and pulled pork. Come enjoy an Amish style picnic. We even have a beautiful picnic pavilion.

30. House Entrance

Welcome to the Amish Farm and House! This is where our house tours, gift shop and ticket lobby are located.

31. Gift Shop

Our gift shop is open during our operating hours and there is no entrance fee. Inside you will find handmade Amish souvenirs, crafts, quilts and our clay artist, Esther.

32. Buggy Rides

Buggy Rides. We offer buggy rides during the summer season. Check our event’s calendar for the buggy ride schedule. Buggy rides are $5 per person and the buggy driver only accepts cash.