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5 Reasons To Take a Guided Bus Tour

1. Because the Amish Do Not Live in a Village

Contrary to popular belief, an Amish town or village does not exist.

Amish farm in Lancaster, PA.
An Amish farm in Lancaster, PA.

The Amish live among everyone else in Lancaster County and they have done so for the past 300 years. With the Amish population being more than 37,000 people and Lancaster County’s 940 square miles, it makes it difficult to just drive around yourself. A self-guided tour would be time-consuming and quite frankly, you might get lost.

So sit back, relax, and leave the driving to us.

2. Explore Amish Country Like a Local

What better way to learn about the Amish than from a native Lancaster County guide? Over 90% of our guides were born and raised in Amish country, and most have close relationships within the Amish community.

Barry Amish bus tour driver.
Barry is a knowledgeable and friendly bus tour driver.

By taking a guided tour, you’re not only learning about the Amish, but you’re also hearing personal anecdotes from drivers with first-hand knowledge and experience!

[VIDEO] First time here? Learn more about The Amish Farm & House.

3. Visit Amish Businesses, Just Not on a Sunday

If you want to visit Amish home businesses – we’ve got you covered. Monday-Saturday our Countryside Bus Tours make stops at Amish stores and businesses (when available). On Sundays, you can find Amish goods in our gift shop and the tour makes a stop at a local business. Shopping at Amish-owned shops is the best and most respectful way to interact with the Amish community.

Amish Farm and House tour bus.
Our tour bus will stop at local Amish-owned businesses (when possible).

Insider’s Tip: While many Amish businesses accept credit cards, it’s always a good idea to have cash when visiting. You never know when you’ll run across a small roadside stand.

4. Learn While Being Respectful

With over 8 million tourists visiting Amish Country every year, it can be challenging for the Amish to maintain a sense of privacy. That is why we strive to educate the public in a way that respects their privacy.

Amish farmer with mules pulling plow.
An Amish farmer getting ready to plow the fields with his mule team.

The Amish are part of our community and we want to make them feel safe and respected. By taking a guided tour with us you will benefit from our knowledge of the Amish and join us in learning, while ensuring that we all remain respectful of Amish and their way of life.

5. Visit Our 15-acre Farm Filled With Animals and Local Artisans

While there are other tour options available in Lancaster County, our package is the only one that includes entrance to a 15-acre farm.

Amish eating lunch at outdoor BBQ stand.
Amish folks enjoying BBQ at on outdoor lunch stand on our farm.

Our farm has everything you’re looking for and more! Learn how to ride an Amish scooter, visit our Amish schoolhouse and interact with our artisans. During the summer months, take a horse & buggy ride and have a picnic style lunch from the Amish Chicken BBQ stand. Our farm dates to 1715 and has something for everyone!

Insider’s Tip: For an added hands-on experience, visit during our special event days and meet local Amish artisans, like Elam, our Amish farrier. Check Our Event Calendar for Dates »

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Updated on: 7/8/2021


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