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Where Do the Amish Live in Lancaster County?

When people think of the Amish, they picture things such as buggies, handmade furniture, and simple clothing; however, what doesn’t come to mind is where exactly the Amish live.

It is known that they primarily reside in rural areas, but beyond that, most people aren’t entirely sure. In fact, this is a common question on our Amish tours. Therefore, we decided to shed some light on the topic with the following content.

To start, a popular misconception is that the Amish all live together in some sort of “Amish village.” That is not true!

The truth is that Amish families and farming communities live and work throughout Lancaster County.
According an Elizabethtown College population study, 74,250 Amish live in Pennsylvania, accounting for 23% of the total Amish population in the United States. Ohio is a close second with an Amish population of 73,780.

Horse & buggy parking at Costco in Lancaster
Costco in Lancaster has dedicated horse and buggy parking for their Amish customers.

The “English” – that’s how Amish folks refer to anyone who isn’t Amish — live among the Amish. The Amish are our neighbors.
Many businesses in Lancaster County are Amish-owned and operated and are open to the public. Amish folks shop at “English” stores too. Local shopping centers and grocery stores even have dedicated horse and buggy parking stalls where Amish customers tie their horses while they shop.

Amish dairy farm.
A common sight in Lancaster County – an Amish dairy farm. The farmhouse is behind the trees on the right.

Popular Amish Towns To Visit in Lancaster County

While you’re here in Lancaster, you’ll find many opportunities to visit Amish businesses and popular shopping areas that sell Amish goods.

The map below highlights a few popular towns and destinations that both tourists and local frequent.


Must Visit: Lancaster Central Market
Of course Lancaster is on this list! While you won’t find Amish living in downtown Lancaster, you will find their produce and meat stands set up at Lancaster Central Market. Locals know that Market is the place to go for the freshest groceries, meats, and treats.

Bird in Hand Farmers Market stand.
An Amish hot dog stand at Bird-in-Hand Farmers’ Market.


Must Visit: Bird-in-Hand Farmers’ Market
At this indoor market you’ll find fresh local produce, pies, cookies, soft pretzels and more – many from Amish-operated owners. Nice place to visit for a quick bite to eat or to shop for Amish-made crafts and gifts.


Must Visit: Julius Sturgis Pretzels
In 1861, the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery became the first commercial pretzel bakery founded in the United States. You can take a tour of the bakery, learn how to twist a pretzel, and shop for souvenirs in their on-site store.


Must Visit: Green Dragon Market
This flea market is open nearly every Friday of the year. You can usually get some great deals here. There are also some great things to eat. Some local favorites are the apple fritters, homemade cookies, and the freshly made sub sandwiches.


Must Visit: Kitchen Kettle Village
At this Amish-style village you can find many gifts and treats to bring home with you. Fresh jams and jellies, smoked meats, and PA Dutch desserts are just a few items you’ll find here. There are Amish owned shops outside of Kitchen Kettle within walking distance too.


Must Visit: Strasburg Railroad
A real steam train experience for the entire family! Their Day Out With Thomas™ the Tank Engine is a popular event with dates usually in summer and fall. The National Train Museum is located across the street with train engines (electric and steam) and train cars on display.

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