9:00 am- 5 pm Open 7 days a week 

  ​(Contact Us for seasonal hours)

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Amish one-room schoolhouse exterior
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The Amish Farm and House property
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Visit Our 15-Acre Farm Grounds


​​With purchase of any guided tour, you may visit our 15 acre farm that dates back to 1715. 

This tour is our only self-guided tour. 

We offer farm only passes for families that have small children. We offer this because we understand that young children may not have the attention span yet for long guided tours. Click here for more information about the farm only option.  

    Our Authentic Farm features:

     • the original 1803 stone bank barn--a unique Pennsylvania Dutch design.

     • an original tobacco shed. Set up as a tobacco stripping room, tobacco plants

       hang from the ceiling of the building where you can learn how this important

       crop is grown by local Amish farmers.

     • a blacksmith shop highlighting the art of the blacksmith. On special occasions, we               have blacksmiths working in the shop.
     • Lime kiln (one of the few remaining in Lancaster County) 
     • Bake oven (one of the last to exist in the area)
     • Summer kitchen
     • Smoke house 
     • Milk house and Chicken house 
     • Herb Garden 
     • Windmill and Waterwheels 

• An Amish One room schoolhouse

In the barn and the surrounding meadows are many animals including goats, sheep, steer, chickens, turkeys, alpacas, pigs, and more! Check out our
Farm Animals page for recent photos of our farm family!

Activities for Children: 

The Scooter Run

Amish children do not use bicycles. Instead they use two wheeled scooters. You can try riding real Amish scooters on our farm!
Our Milking Cow

Try out your cow milking skills on our cow Buttercup.
Visit an Amish one-room schoolhouse

Amish children attend private one room schools. You have the opportunity to visit a modern Amish schoolhouse that is located on our farm. The schoolhouse is open 7 days a week. Use the scavenger hunt and make the visit to the schoolhouse educational and fun!
Activity Scavenger Hunt 

Take your visit to the next level by completing our scavenger hunt! This scavenger hunt helps make the farm visit fun but also educational! If the children correctly complete their scavenger hunt they may receive a small prize in the gift shop. 
Picnic Pavilion and Playground

Make it a day trip and pack your lunch! We have a large picnic area and several surrounding restaurants that offer take out options. 
Various farm animals to interact with and feed

You may pet any of the animals that come up the fence. Please be cautious as they are farm animals, not pets. Please do not feed farm animals with outside food. You may feed the animals with food from the dispensers. 

Take a Buggy Ride!

The buggy ride will take you past our corn fields and all throughout our 15 acre farm. Purchase tickets for the buggy ride on the farm. **NO SUNDAY BUGGY TOURS.

Download a Map of our Farm