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Goat Yoga

General FAQ’s-

Q- When is the Goat-A-Gram sale over?
Answer-  The  Goat-A-Gram sale ends on February 10th.

Q- How do I get the Goat-A-Gram?

Answer- All flowers, chocolates and cards must be picked up from our farm. Pick-up window is February 13th  & 14th from 10:00 -6:00 p.m.

Q- What does the gift certificate look like?
Answer- The ‘gift certificate’ is an email with a code. We understand that an email is hard to wrap up and give as a Valentine’s Day gift.  The solution? We are offering printed gift certificates and goat-themed cards! We will print out a gift certificate and a goat card and put it in a red envelope at no extra cost. *must be picked up at the farm*

Q- I thought the ticket came with a t-shirt or tote bag? 
Answer-  For the 2020 season, the ticket will include the 1-hour goat yoga class and farm visit. Merchandise like t-shirts, tank tops and soap will be sold separately at each class.

Q- When do I pick out my class date?
Answer- The 2020 yoga schedule is not posted yet. The 2020 schedule will be available come spring. Gift certificate holders will be allowed to choose their class date before the tickets go one sale to the public.

Q- Are these passes refundable?
Answer- No! Once the gift card is purchased, we cannot refund the money.

Baby Goat Yoga Tickets: $20 per person

Tickets include:

–1-hour session of baby goat yoga

–Access to our 15-acre farm

–T-shirt, tanks and other merchandise available for purchase at each class.

Family Goat Yoga: $15 per adult (ages 12 +) $10 per child (5-11)

–Family Goat Yoga is a 30 yoga minute class with 10 minutes of goat cuddling at the end of class.

–Family Goat Yoga is the perfect choice for families with children. We recommend Family Goat Yoga for children ages 5 and up.


What to Bring and Wear:

  • Camera- This will be an hour you’ll want to remember! A photographer will be at every session taking complimentary pictures. After each class there will be a short time to cuddle and take even more selfies with the goats.
  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy or having nibbled on by goats. For the best experience, wear a shirt with sleeves made of non-slippery material. Little goat hooves have more traction on fabric than skin, and silky materials make it hard for goats to stand still. You can also bring a collared, button down shirt to put on just during the yoga session.
  • A hair tie! Our pygmy goats aspire to be hairdressers when they grow up. The will nibble on your hair! To prevent this from happening we suggest you put your hair up.

What Not To Bring:

  • A yoga mat. Last year we found out that our goats love to chew yoga mats! As much as they love yoga mats, yoga mats are not part of a healthy diet. Therefore, we will not be using mats for the 2019 season. We do however have protective flooring that will cushion your knees. We have mats available if anyone should require more padding.
  • Don’t bring a water bottle that will spill when a goat knocks it over. Once you step inside yoga area, you’ve lost all personal space. Our goats will jump over you and crawl under you. They have been known to drink from water bottles and knock them over. The older the goats get the more mischievous they become.
  • It’s best not to wear long dangly earrings or necklaces.
  • Don’t wear a new fancy yoga tank top. You want your back to be as covered as possible. These little goats have hooves and don’t make it to the nail salon too often. (P.S. We would love to see previous goat yogi attendees in their Goat Yoga shirt from last year!) 

What to Expect:

  • You should expect to have SO. MUCH. FUN.
  • Be prepared to laugh and smile for an entire hour.
  • Expect to cuddle with baby pygmy goats.
  • Our goats are living creatures… which means they pee and poo. Expect some accidents to happen, but don’t worry.. we have goat handlers that will clean up the mess!


What Not to Expect:

  • Please do not come to Goat Yoga expecting to have an intense yoga workout. All our instructors practice a gentle, beginner’s yoga. Please do not feel intimidated if you’ve never done yoga. You are more than welcome to sit on your mat and play with the goats the entire class.


Goat Parties for 2020 

NEW! We are booking goat birthday parties, bachelorette parties and private goat yoga classes. We have a beautiful and spacious picnic pavilion available to rent.  Turn your celebration into a goat party, cuddle with our pygmy goats!

If you have a group of friends that would like to try out yoga, book a private goat yoga party! Classes can be booked now until the end of September.

For more information and to book a goat party or private goat yoga class:

  1. Email goatyoga.afh@gmail.com
  2. Call the farm 717-394-6185 and ask to speak to Jamie.


We would like to thank each and every one of those who attended our Goat Baby shower Goat-A-Thon on May 18th. With your help we were able to exceed our goal of $5,000 and raise a total of $8,000 for our non-profits! We were thrilled to see all your happy faces and we are so thankful you helped us support Lancaster non-profits. We hope to make this an annual event, so keep an eye out for this year’s date!