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Tips on Visiting Amish Country on a Sunday

What to do on a Sunday in Amish Country

Sundays in Lancaster County is a very unique experience. The Amish never work on Sundays as it is their worship day. All Amish businesses, farmers markets and roadside stands are closed on Sundays.  If you really want to feel the peace and tranquility that the Amish lifestyle provides, come see us on a Sunday!


Countryside Bus Tour 

Our Countryside Bus tours on Sunday are a bit different than on other days, but you’ll see things that cannot be seen any other day of the week. Our tour guides are fantastic, they know the back roads inside and out. They know where church is being held and they will make sure your tour is memorable. Sure, you can drive the back roads yourself, but why would you want to? You drove all the way here, let us drive you and teach you what we know. Our guides can answer your questions, drive past landmarks you wouldn’t even know are there. We know where the Amish are on a Sunday. Make a reservation online before you come! 

What You’ll See on a Sunday

The back roads on a Sunday are hopping with activity! You’ll see groups of Amish children playing volleyball and croquet. And you will most definitely get stuck behind courting buggies and those traveling to and from church. Sunday’s are known to be high buggy traffic days. The beautiful scenery of Lancaster County can’t be beat on a Sunday drive through the farmlands!


You know what is also missing on a Sunday? The crowds. It is peaceful and quiet, exactly what you want to experience when in Amish Country. Without the Saturday crowds, our farm is a perfect little oasis for a visit. We have lots of animals on our 15-acre farm. Come feed the goats some treats; they will love you forever!

Soft Pretzels

A short trip to the north is another little town that is a good place to visit. Historically a Moravian community, Lititz is filled with shops and great places to eat. Check out the Sturgis pretzel shop. Go in and try your hand at pretzel twisting, it’s not as easy as you think!

Feeding Animals 

Without the Saturday crowds, our farm is a perfect little oasis for a visit. We have lots of animals on our 15-acre farm. Come feed the goats some treats; they will love you forever. Most families spend up to two hours on our farm. 

Go Shopping 

Our museum shop is one of the only places to find genuine Amish made items on a Sunday. We partner with Amish crafters from all over Lancaster. Our selection of handmade souvenirs takes up the entire back room of our shop- you must come check it out. We are also close to the Tanger and Rockvale Outlets.

Get Your Grub On

Just because the Amish restaurants are closed on Sundays doesn’t mean you are forced to eat at a chain restaurant. We highly recommend getting a good cocktail and hearty meal at the Fireside Tavern. Leave room for dessert because the Strasburg Creamery isn’t too far away!

Take a Hike

Turkey Hill Overlook is a 3.7 miles trail that has two overlooks with views of the Susquehanna river. Halfway through trekkers will have to get their feet wet but will be rewarded with a picturesque waterfall.

Zip Through the Trees 

Refreshing Mountain zip line course is a great outdoor activity for a Sunday. They have a high ropes obstacle course, several different zip lines and a pool! They also ahve a varity of Escape Rooms and a Wildlife Exhibit.

Make Your Own Ice Cream 

Head over to the Turkey Hill Experience and create your very own flavor of ice cream. You can also sample iced teas and milk a mechanical cow. Their hands-on activities are great for all ages.

Ride on the Train 

The Strasburg Railroad is open on Sundays and it’s a great place for adults and children alike. Be sure to reserve your seats online before you go!

Updated September 14th 2021.


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