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Mud Sales in Amish Country

The Art of the Sale

Updated on 7/8/2021

A mud sale in Lancaster County is like the Mardi Gras to New Orleans – it is an experience you do not want to miss. However, the average mud sale can be overwhelming for the first-time visitor. If you’re planning to attend a mud sale read our top 10 tips on mastering the art of the sale. Also included in this month’s newsletter is a schedule of all the mud sales happening in Lancaster County.

A mud sale is an auction that raises money for the local fire company. Most of the auctions are Amish run. It is their way of giving back to the community. The typical mud sale sells anything from Amish made quilts, farming equipment, baked goods to handmade furniture. Attending a mud sale is the perfect place to get a good deal on quality products while still giving back to the local community.

A mud sale.

1. Shoe choice

It’s called a mud sale for a reason. Most mud sales happen in early spring when the ground is starting to thaw out, which results in lots of mud. Lancaster is also known for its heavy rainy season so bring an umbrella just in case.

A mud sale.

2. Cash, Check, Credit

It’s always a good idea to have several payment methods available. While all mud sales accept cash and personal checks, some are advancing and even accept credit cards. Check first at the registration desk and inquire about accepted forms of payment.

Schedule sign.

3. Partner in Crime

Attending a mud sale with a friend is important. You will need someone to save your seat during bathroom breaks. You’ll need a helping eye because auctions are fast pace, sometimes it is hard to keep up! If you are a serious bidder, you’ll also want someone to save your seat as you stuff your face full of whoopie pies.

Parking an Amish buggy.

4. Go hungry

Mud sales are famous for quilts, farming equipment and buggies but don’t forget the most important part of the sale- the food! You can look forward to chicken corn soup, soft pretzels and chicken BBQ. You won’t be able to miss the tables filled with whoopie pies, fasnachts, strawberry pies, and breads.

Strawberry pies.

5. You snooze, you lose

Go early to get the best seat and to start previewing the merchandise. We suggest you arrive around 7 am and plan to stay the whole day. If you arrive late, parking can be hard to find.

6. Get your lucky number

You will find the bid numbers at the registration table. They will need to see your driver’s license so don’t leave it in the car. At the register table don’t forget to pick up a program. This is where all of the items to be auctioned are listed.

7. Rhythm of the sale

Each auctioneer has his own style, but it’s always fast-paced. We suggest that you never bid on the first offered amount, instead let the price drop and then jump in. The price can increase very quickly so it’s important to know the style of the auctioneer.

A mud sale.

8. Don’t go crazy

Try to stay cool, calm and collected during the auction. Getting emotionally attached to an item will cause you to overbid and over spend.

A mud sale.

9. Full Buggy

A full day of purchases will leave you with more than you can handle. It’s always a good idea to plan how to get all the goodies back home. Sometimes the Amish children that are hanging around will help take your purchases back to your car for a small fee.

A mud sale.

10. Have Fun

This is the most important tip. Take in this one in a lifetime experience and enjoy the food. We also encourage you to come to our farm and take a tour. We’d love to hear about your mud sale stories.

2022 Mud Sale Schedule:

Will be updated next year!