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Good Eats in Amish Country

Your Guide for Where To Find Traditional Amish Food

Your trip to Lancaster County is not complete without trying authentic PA Dutch foods. And don’t be selfish — be sure to take some home to your friends and family!

Keep in mind there is no such thing as “Amish food.” The Amish don’t have any dietary restrictions. However, traditional Amish foods from our area are typically categorized as “Amish” or “Pennsylvania Dutch.”

Here are a few of the most popular PA Dutch foods in Lancaster and the best places to find them.

Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pies.

If you’ve never had a whoopie pie, imagine a mini chocolate cake sandwich filled with whipped vanilla icing. While chocolate cake with vanilla filling is the most popular variety, whoopies pies are usually available in other flavors too, such as pumpkin and red velvet depending on the time of year. Whoopie pies get their name from Amish children opening their lunch boxes and hollering ‘whoopie’ upon seeing the delicious dessert. When you take your first bite of this sweet treat, be sure to say ‘whoopie’ with delight.

Our recommendation: The Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop

Chicken Pot Pie

chicken pot pie
This savory soup is filled with homemade noodles, potatoes, and chicken. To know if you’re eating the real deal, your pot pie shouldn’t be covered by a pie crust. This dish could be considered one of the most controversial foods in Amish Country. The argument is whether potatoes should or shouldn’t be included in the recipe. What’s your opinion?

Our recommendation: Katie’s Kitchen

Soft Pretzels

A soft pretzel.
Indulge yourself in a warm, buttery, salty soft pretzel. This is not a Philadelphia style pretzel, which is more dense and dry. The PA Dutch style soft pretzel melts in your mouth and are made even better when dipped in sweet mustard. While most of us like our pretzels plain, our Amish friends say they NEVER eat soft pretzels without a cheese or mustard dipping sauce.

Our recommendation: Amish BBQ Barn on our farm.

Sticky Buns

sticky buns
Calories do not count while on vacation, we promise! This sweet breakfast food originated in Germany and was brought to our area by Pennsylvania Dutch (German) immigrants. The list of ingredients varies by baker and bakery, but traditionally are plain or topped with raisins, walnuts or pecans.

 Our recommendations: Mr. Sticky’s or Bird-in-Hand Bakery.

Chow Chow

amish chow chow
While Amish Country is known for sweet baked goods, they also have sweet and sour vegetables. Traditionally, at the end of the summer, Amish families would collect all the leftover vegetables, and can them with salt, vinegar, sugar, and water.

Our recommendation: Purchase a jar from our on-site gift shop.

Chicken Corn Soup

amish made chicken corn soup
There is nothing better than a cup of chicken corn soup to warm you up on a cold day. Here in Amish Country, you might find this soup with or without rivels. Rivels are teeny tiny dumplings that are made from homemade dough.

 Our recommendation: Mud sales in the area.

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Updated 7/8/2021


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