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      Esther O'Hara is the Amish Farm and House's newest resident artisan! Esther O'Hara is the creator of the now famous faceless Amish figurines. Esther also creates jewelry and other clay items. Her interest in the Amish lifestyle started when she moved to Lancaster. She was born and raised in East Africa where her parents worked as missionaries. Ever since she was a child Esther was fascinated by the art of quilt making. You can see her interests and love for cultural diversity in her artwork. 
       Her figurines can be found in gift shops around the world however, the Amish Farm and House is the only place where you can find her original work. 
Visit Esther at her website: www.estheroharagallery.com

Amish farrier

Amish Farrier 

       Elam is a local Amish farrier who specializes in horse hoof care. Elam incorporates both blacksmith's skills and veterinarian's skills to care for horses' feet. On our farm he will demonstrate how to make several different types of horse shoes. He will teach you everything you need to know about equine care. You can even purchase a horseshoe from Elam as a souvenir! When Elam is not on the farm his work is still available in our gift shop. 

Artisans and Vendors may not be available every day. 

It is not uncommon to see our Amish friends and neighbors working side by side with Englishers and the Amish Farm and House is no exception. In addition to our Amish farrier and various Amish friends who regularly sell their wares through our farm  we are pleased to have various artisans that find their home at the Amish Farm and House. 

   The Amish Farm and House is pleased to host members of the Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmith Association for special events. Our Civil-War era blacksmith shop comes alive as the blacksmith pounds away on the anvil. During those special events, the blacksmith with demonstrate the art of blacksmithing and explains the importance of smithing both in colonial America and today.

Resident Artisans and Vendors

     A visit to the Amish Farm and House isn't the same without stopping in to get to know Chris, our resident woodcarver. He is a nationally known author of several books about the art of whittling. His hand-carved roosters can be seen around the world. Watch as he takes a simple tree branch or twig and transforms it into a beautiful and unique rooster--using just a pocket knife! Inside his shop, see one of the world's smallest carved roosters (you'll have to use a magnifying glass!).

     One of these small roosters received a certificate from The Guinness Book of World Records! You'll marvel at the wide variety of things that can be done from a simple pocket knife. As a special souvenir, have your name wood-burned onto a "name log". Don't forget about his collection of slingshots too!

Visit Chris at his website:  www.whittlingwithchris.com