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Admission Rates

kids petting goats
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inside amish barn


Option 1 -- Premium Package tour
(Countryside Bus Tour, Guided House Tour, Self-guided Tour of the 15-acre farm, Amish schoolhouse)
Adults--$29.95 (ages 12-59)
Seniors--$28.95 (ages 60+)
Children--$19.95 (ages 5-11)
Toddlers -- $4.95 (ages 0-4)

Option 2 -- Countryside Bus Tour 

(Countryside Bus Tour, Self-guided Tour of 15-acre farm, Amish schoolhouse)

Adults--$22.95 (ages 12-59)

Seniors--$21.95 (ages 60+)

Children--$15.95 (ages 5-11)

Toddlers -- $4.95 (ages 0-4)

Option 3 -- General Admission

(Guided House Tour, Self-guided Tour of 15-acre farm, Amish schoolhouse)

Adults--$9.95 per person (ages 12-59)

​Seniors--$8.95 per person (ages 60+)

Children--$6.95 per person (ages 5-11)

Toddlers -- FREE (ages 0-4)

Taste of Amish Country Dinner Tour

(90+ minutes of Amish Countryside Touring, stops at Amish-owned businesses, PA Dutch meal at Amish-owned restaurant, self-guided tour of our 15-acre farm including Amish schoolhouse)

Adults--$49.95 (ages 12+)

Children--$34.95 (ages 5-11)

Dinner Tours available Monday through Saturday, May 27 - November 30 2017.