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Good 'N Plenty Restaurant

Hay Wagon Rides

  1. Enjoy a tractor-pulled hay ride around our picturesque 15-acre farm. This experience is exclusive for groups. Our hay wagon can accommodate up to 20 people. It's a great way to see the whole property without much effort.   $3/person

Private schoolhouse presentation in the Willow Lane One-Room School. 

  1.    This school was designed and furnished with help from our Amish neighbors. It's the only Amish school in the area that was built specifically for you! ​ Step inside the school and see the desks, curriculum, artwork and more. Your guide will explain a typical day, explain more about the education system and give your group a more hands-on experience! 
  2.    Don't miss it. Call Peggy at 717-394-6185 to reserve. (Remember, this is exclusively for groups.)

Willow Lane One-Room School Presentation

Tour and Dinner Packages

Following your visit to the Amish Farm and house, head on over to Good 'N Plenty Restaurant and experience the best in PA Dutch cooking.

Enjoy a mouth-watering, traditional family style meal of Pennsylvania Dutch goodness!

CALL US TO RESERVE 717-394-6185

All dinner packages include the renowned tour of the Amish Farm and House and
​a complementary guided experience at the Willow Lane One-Room School! ​

Choose from the Following Dinner Packages 

  1. Traditional Family Style Meal: Includes traditional relishes, fresh homemade bread, delicious, crispy fried chicken, TWO additional meats, four vegetables/starches, five mouth-watering desserts and a selection of beverages. $30.75 (adult) / $17.25 (student)

  2. Family Style Value Meal: Includes traditional relishes, fresh homemade bread, delicious crispy fried chicken, ONE additional meat, real mashed potatoes, noodles, a fresh green vegetable, two homemade pies, ice cream and a selection of beverages. $28.00 (adult) / $ 17.75 (student)

  3. Family Style STUDENT CHICKEN Dinner: Includes fresh homemade bread, delicious, crispy fried chicken, four vegetables/starches, Jell-O, homemade pie, ice cream, and a selection of beverages. $23.00 (adult) / $17.75 (student)

  4. Family Style STUDENT TWO MEAT Dinner: Includes traditional relishes, fresh homemade bread, delicious crispy fried chicken, ONE additional sliced meat, four vegetables/starches, Jell-O, homemade pie, ice cream and a selection of beverages. $25.00 (adult)/ $18.25 (student) 
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Amish farmhouse front room

If you or your group has ever wanted to learn about the Amish lifestyle, you've come to the right place. This page gives you a brief look at what we have to offer for your group. A group is considered to be fifteen (15) or more people paying in one (1) transaction. Call for group admission rates. While we gladly welcome walk-in groups, we prefer reservations. 

Tour and Dinner Package

"Step on" Tour Service

Take your group a step further!

  Let one of our highly-trained guides escort your group on your motorcoach through the picturesque Lancaster County countryside on a 1, 2, or 3-hour "step-on" tour.

    See one-room schools, Amish homes, cemeteries, buggies, barns and more as you travel the back countryside roads of Lancaster County.

  Your guide may stop at an Amish shop (when available) for that added experience! It's a "must-see" in Lancaster County. (Your group must have a bus or motor coach for this service.)

Step Through our Doors! 

  Your group will have a guided tour through our historic 1805 farmhouse, which was last occupied by an Amish family.

     Your knowledgeable guide will explain the Amish history, clothing, customs, and culture as you tour the various rooms of the home.

     After your house tour, your group is free to explore our 15-acre farm, which dates back to the time of William Penn. Visit our barns and exhibits, see and interact with our farm animals, stop by our resident demonstrators (in season).

Guided House Tour

kids petting farm animals
Amish farm field and farmhouse

The Amish Farm & House strives to provide a quality educational experience for your group; an experience that is authentic, accurate, cooperative, and respectful of our Amish neighbors.

Each year, thousands of groups, from school and church groups to scouts and senior groups, visit to experience a simpler lifestyle at The Amish Farm & House.

Suggested length of stay is 1.5 hours. Reservations are suggested in advance.
Free admission and gift shop discount for bus driver and tour escort.

French, German, Chinese, and Spanish-speaking guides are available with advanced reservation.

For more information:

Contact: ​Peggy Nana-Sinkam, Group Sales Coordinator

717-394-6185 or email her at peggy@amishfarmandhouse.com

Group Tours