Open 7 Days a Week 

9am - 6pm ​(Contact Us for seasonal hours)

We will have buggy rides available on our 15 acre farm this summer! These buggy rides are private- they are only made available for purchase to our paying customers. See below for more information!

​Check the calendars below for buggy ride dates & times.  The time is labeled at the bottom of the month and the horseshoe signifies that rides will be available that day.  

Take a buggy ride! 

     To purchase a buggy ride you must first buy a ticket to one of our guided tours. There are three guided tour options, each and every one of these tour options grants you access to our farm and allows you to purchase a buggy ride. 

          Option #1- "Premium Package" House tour + Bus Tour 

                       Option #2- Guided Countryside Bus Tour 

                               Option #3- Guided House Tour