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Best Places to Take Pictures in Amish Country

Looking to capture the PERFECT picture next time you’re in Amish Country? Here are 13 places we recommend that you visit.

Please show respect to the Amish community when taking pictures. Always take pictures from a distance and avoiding taking pictures of their faces.

Grasshopper Level

Grasshopper Level is a short segment of Georgetown Road on 896. From this road you can truly see all of Amish Country. This road is frequented by Amish courting buggies, and for a very good reason indeed! There are no pull-off spots along this road, so find a driver and jump in the passenger seat to snap your picture.

Coordinates for your GPS: 39°58’15″N 76°8’19”

A large farm seen from far away.

Wildflower Lookout

This new photography spot is at the top of our list‑just look how beautiful the flowers are! Surrounded by poppies in the spring and sunflowers in the summer, you will get the best shots of Amish Country here. In the summertime, they even sell homemade lemonade. It is $5 to visit, closed on Sundays. Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful from this lookout.
A sunset over a field.

Hunsecker’s Mill Covered Bridge

Covered bridges provide the best backdrop to any picture. And if you time it just right you might even catch an Amish family traveling through.

An Amish buggy going through a covered bridge.

Southern Lancaster County

Southern Lancaster Country is known for its sprawling farmlands and rolling hills. Away from the tourists and businesses, the back roads down south are the perfect place to get a landscape shot. Towns we suggest: Christina, Quarryville, and Georgetown, PA.

A tobacco field.

Stumptown Road

This just might be one of the most frequented roads in Amish Country. Plug Stumptown Road into your GPS and get lost in the surrounded roads in the area. You’ll be sure to find Amish farms to your left and right. Taking pictures of horse and buggies is okay, but please avoid taking pictures of their faces.

PLEASE be respectful of local traffic while driving the back roads. 

An Amish buggy going down a road in winter.

Feeding a friendly cow

You simply cannot leave Amish Country without getting up close and personal with some farm animals. Snap a picture with our friendly cow, Charlie. We also have baby goats, alpacas, horses, mini donkeys, pigs, sheep and chickens.

✨Bonus‑ if you come for one of our Petting Zoo Days you can go behind the fence and hold our baby goats!

A girl feeding a friendly cow.


Yes, as crazy as it sounds, we do indeed have a town named Intercourse. Your friends will get a kick out of you posing in front of this sign in Intercourse!

After taking your picture, visit the shops downtown. You’ll find quilt shops, antique shops, and specialty food stores. Intercourse is a great walkable town!

People in front of the welcome sign to Intercourse, PA.

From the buggy window

There’s no better way to see the farmlands than from the window of a horse and buggy! We recommend taking a buggy ride with Abe’s on Old Philadelphia Pike. While there will be photo opportunities left and right‑ don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Inside an Amish buggy.

Down On The Farm Creamery

Ice cream with a view? Say no more! This creamery is located on a picturesque Amish farm. If you visit on a Friday night you might see some Amish teenagers sharing a sundae.

An icecream cone.

Riding an Amish Scooter

You can’t visit Amish Country without riding on an Amish scooter. Our farm is the only place in Lancaster where you can take a spin on an Amish scooter. Come try it out and snap a picture for your friends back home.

Two young women riding Amish scooters.

Lapp’s farm market

Want to snap the perfect picture of homegrown peaches and sweet corn? This farm market will fill up your IG feed and your belly.

After purchasing your goods, take a quick detour and go down Long Rifle Road‑ beautiful opportunities for a sunset picture as there are no power lines on this road.

Lapp Farmers market.

Mud Sales

Come spring, mud sales are the places to be. You will be surrounded by a sea of straw hats and prayer caps. This is also a great opportunity to see inside Amish buggies and farming equipment.

Remember, we ask that you be respectful of their privacy.

A mud sale.

All Aboard!

Hop aboard the Strasburg Railroad for a different perspective of Amish Country. This ride will take you about 13 miles through Amish farms. You’ll get great shots of the countryside and of the world-famous trains!

An old fashioned train.

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