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Are the Tour Guides at The Amish Farm and House Actually Amish?

Our tour guides are not Amish. You will find that to be the case at any Amish-themed attraction in Lancaster County.

You might be wondering: why is that?

Well, for the most part, the traditional Amish community prefers to remain private and would not feel comfortable sharing about their way of life and religious traditions directly with the public.

Amish schoolhouse tour.
Our interactive Amish One-Room Schoolhouse tour in session.

However, a majority (about 90%) of our tour guides are Lancaster County natives or have lived in Lancaster for many years. They also have personal relationships and regular interaction within the Amish community.

While our tour guides are not Amish, we do have Amish employees. We also support the Amish community by hosting several different Amish artisans on the farm during the summer months and for special events. We also sell locally-made, Amish items in our gift shop.

Meet a Few of Our Tour Guides

Our bus tour guide, Barry.
Barry out and about on the guided countryside bus tour.
Name: Barry
Role: Countryside Bus Tour Guide
Hometown: Smoketown, PA

“I like working at the Amish Farm and House because it’s given me the opportunity to extend my teaching career. This job allows me to teach people from all over the world.”

Amish tour guide, Mike.
Mike is standing in front of traditional Amish hats found in our farmhouse.
Name: Mike
Role: Countryside Bus Tour Guide
Hometown: Landisville, PA

“It’s a rewarding job because I get to be part of something educational. I love that my guests leave knowing the truth about the Amish community.”

Amish farmhouse tour guide
Carmen teaching visitors about Amish clothing.
Name: Carmen
Role: Tour Guide/ASL Tour guide
Hometown: Lancaster, PA

“I like my job because I meet people from all over the world. But more importantly, I get to share our beautiful farmlands with them.”

Amish Farm and House building

We Are Open on Sundays!

Yes, we are open 7 days a week! However, due to religious beliefs, Amish businesses are not open. Sundays are calm and peaceful in Lancaster’s beautiful countryside. You’ll learn just as much on a Sunday as would any other day if you decide to take our Amish countryside bus tour.

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