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5 Reasons to Visit Amish Country This Spring

5 Reasons to Visit Amish Country This Spring

5. Cute Baby Animals

Every Spring, Lancaster County farms greet newborn farm animals. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love baby animals? On our very own 15-acre farm, you have the opportunity to “ooo” and “ahh” at our newborn goats and lambs. Keep an eye out on our Event Calendar for Petting Zoo Days where you can go behind the fence and interact with the animals. 

4. Sheep Shearing

As soon as the warmer months approach, we look forward to packing away our winter coats, and the sheep in Amish Country get excited to do the same! Sheep shearing is a common farming practice done to keep the sheep not just cool in the summer heat but also healthy and happy. Our farm is one of the only places in Lancaster County where you can watch the art of sheep shearing. We’ve held sheep shearing demonstrations here since the 1960s.

Dates: Saturday, May 23rd and Sunday, May 24th. Get your tickets here. 

3. Mud Sales

Due to COVID restrictions, there are very few mud sales this year. But if you’re looking to get your mud sale fix in for the year check out these sales: Gordonville Sale on March 13th, Robert Fulton on Saturday, April 3rd, and Clinic for Special Children’s sale on June 19th.

2. Fresh Produce and Roadside Stands

You know it’s Spring in Amish Country when small roadside stands pop up throughout the countryside. Amish families with an abundance of fresh vegetables set up tables at the end of their lanes along the road hoping to sell them to the public. These stands are an ‘auto-service,’ which means people take what they want and leave cash in a little box or canister. The Amish are incredibly trusting and honest people, and they believe their neighbors are too. Please do not take advantage of these kind people; be respectful and pay for the items you take.

Insider’s Tip: Insider’s Tip: You’ll get the most variety at an Amish roadside stand early in the morning. By mid-afternoon, many of the Amish stands sell out or only have a few types of produce left.

1. It’s Planting Season

Springtime sets the foundation for the rest of the farming season in Lancaster County. As the winter ends and the ground begins to soften, the Amish are busy preparing their fields for planting. Make a trip to Lancaster during this time and you’ll witness our local farmers hard at work. Our visitors often discover teams of mules plowing fields or families hand planting tobacco plants. These are sights you don’t want to miss!

Insider’s Tip: 
You know you’re in Lancaster County when you roll down the car window and the smell of manure hits you right in the face. The Amish use manure in their fields and gardens as a natural fertilizer.

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