The Amish Farmhouse

               c. 1955                                 1965                                    2014

The 207-year old house is the centerpiece of your experience at The Amish Farm & House. Built in 1805, it had been a home for many generations. Our knowledgeable guides will take you through the house on a 45-minute guided tour and explain the lifestyle of the Lancaster County Amish.

The Front Room
--The Old Order Amish of Lancaster County hold church services in their homes. In this room, the wooden benches are arranged in preparation for an Amish service. When and why did the Amish come to America? Why do they hold services in their homes? Why and how does their religion play such a major role in their lifestyle? Learn these answers and many other aspects of religious life on your tour!

The Kitchen--The kitchen is the center of activity of any Amish home. It is where the Amish family spends most of its time. How does their education differ from ours? What is the typical lifestyle of the Lancaster County Amish? How are they adapting for modern times? Your guide will answer these questions and many more!

The Bedrooms--Amish bedrooms are conservatively decorated with colorful quilts and simple furniture. Their uniquely styled clothing hangs on the wall.
Why do they dress the same way after 300 years? What is the difference in their clothing for church, weddings, and funerals? Can you tell if a man or woman is married by just looking at their clothing? Find out these answers and many more from your tour guide!

The Front Room

 The Kitchen

The Bedrooms