Countryside Tours ~ Amish Farm and House


Bus Tour Only
1. 90 min Countryside Bus Tour
2. Self-guided farm tour of 15-acre farm
3. Amish one-room schoolhouse


$20.95 each adult (age 12 and over)
$13.95 each child (age 5-11)
$4.95 each child under 4


"Premium Package Tour"
1. Guided house tour (45 mins) of 1805 house
2. Self-guided farm tour of 15-acre farm
3. 90-min countryside bus tour
4. Visit to the "Willow Lane One-Room School"


$27.95 each adults (age 12 and over)
$17.95 each child (ages 5-11)
$4.95 each child under 4


June 1 through Sept. 1

10:00 a.m.
12:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m.

(Due to the nature of our tour, the bus tour may be canceled due to winter weather and/or road conditions.)


(Each bus is limited to 14 passangers.
Times subject to change.)

 We are the most economical 
bus tour in
Lancaster County!

Amish Farm & House Countryside Tours

Lancaster's original 90-minute Countryside Bus Tour. We've provided fun, quality tours since 1955...longer than anyone else.

Our highly-trained, professional driver-guides will take you on the backroads through "America's Garden Spot" to discover the hidden treasures of Amish Country.

This tour allows an up-close and personal glimpse into Amish life. You'll get a flavor of the real Lancaster County as you learn the area's history, culture, local stories and maybe even discover a tucked-away covered bridge...hidden deep in the heartland of Lancaster Couny.

Keep your camera'll see Amish schoolhouses, buggies, barns, farms, historic homes, and beautiful farmland vistas!

We'll even stop at at least one Amish roadside stand (when available) so you can interact with "Lancaster's Living Heritage!"

Your visit to Lancaster County is not complete without the Amish Farm & House Countryside Tour!

Lancaster County is known as the "Garden Spot of America" and you will certainly see why on our tour!

"Thank you for providing a fun and educational tour! I came away with a great respect for the Amish people, which wouldn't have happened if your facility didn't exist."
Carla Madera
                                 Marysville, WA

"Perfect 1-stop to see everything!"
                 --The Witczaks, Long Island

"Great bus tour"
                        --Sonia S., Glendale, PA

"The Amish house is very interesting and all the tour guides have lived in Lancaster for many years and so have a solid background as well as personal experiences with the Amish community."
Trip Advisor comment

"The tour guides employed here really know their stuff. They provide a lot of info about the Amish way of life. I also took the bus tour through the countryside and stopped at a couple of Amish businesses."
Trip Advisor comment

"The tour of the Amish Farm and House answers any questions you may have had about how the Amish live and why they do things the way they do. The people conducting the tour are friends of the Amish community and obviously have a great deal of respect for the "Plain People". It definitely provides food for thought about a different way of life existing side by side with the culture we experience every day. Very interesting."
--Trip Advisor comment